Reminder To All Clubs From Alice Springs Town Council
Date of Event : Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:57AM


The Executive of ASCA has been contacted by Council with concerns about the following matters. Could you ensure that cricketers from any grade in your club respect Council’s concerns and act accordingly. Note that ASCA’s Deeds of Agreement with Council are dependent on our conformance with Councils requests.


1.       Hitting up against Fences and Walls – this practice continues to happen even with constant reminding. The practice is dangerous to onlookers, damages fences, walls, doors, and potentially onlookers and vehicles. This practice needs to cease immediately. The damage it causes will start to be costed and forwarded to ASCA/Clubs for remuneration. Where players want to hit up clubs should purchase a field net.

2.       Bowling on Centre Wickets – Clubs are reminded that during match warm ups it is illegal to bowl on the turf wicket block. Any bowling warm up should take place at least 15 metres away from the wicket block.  Council has enough problems providing quality wickets for cricket and the potential for wicket damage will not be tolerated into the future. Council endevours to prepare wickets for not only the weekend fixture but also upcoming matches.

3.       Car Parking on Sadadeen Oval – No cars are to be parked on the oval.  Cars were observed parked on the oval last weekend.  Council Rangers will be patrolling grounds and will issue fines.  ASCA will not be paying any fines incurred by clubs and players and individuals will be responsible for their own cars.

4.       Glass Bottles – Council has continually warned cricket about the issues that glass bottles cause at sporting venues yet the practice of cricketers drinking from glass bottles continues. Continuing use of glass bottles by players or spectators will result in the loss of permits or licences to consume at cricket venues. 

5.       Clean Up of Venues – it is crickets responsibility to clean up post matches. Regular Council inspections will be undertaken post matches to ensure this is being undertaken. Again this is a responsibility listed in our Deed of Agreement.



The Alice Springs Town Council would like the thank all the clubs for adhering to these reminders in the future.

Last updated: Tuesday November 14, 2017 10:30AM